Welcome to the studio in the country, where I've been designing and fabricating

custom artistic projects and 

unique physical models

and props for over 30 years.

All the images that you see on this site are actual, physical objectsThese are not computer rendered or digitally created images.



This “Sport” jug is one of a series of special Tide detergent jugs made for corporate promotional presentations. This “football - pigskin” jug is a solid color cast resin piece with additional hand coloration and a separately cast lace piece.

Sirius Satellite Radio print ad highlighting a few of their stations with this various flavored chocolate box collection. The chocolates are resin models. The box itself is also a custom model. Photographer: Ted Tamburo

Oversized custom rimmed Monopoly Race Car. Made for McDonald's tie in print ad.

One of a series of miniature sets made for Absolut Vodka point of purchase images. The water, pier, chairs and hut are all models. The pier was made in forced perspective. The length of the pier is actually about 30 inches. Photographer: Anthony Arciero

Miniature set. Personal project shot. Made using various elements that I have in my collection of fun things!

Giant carved foam and resin skinned model of the Horizon Milk cow mascot. Used in different settings for a number of ads. Photographer: Saverio Truglia

Giant Revlon lipsticks. Made for TV spot.

This Miller High Life sign is made of sandblasted and stamped wood with additional hand colored sections. Size was about 24 inches wide. Used in a mailer campaign.

Custom made resin and acrylic tankard model was used in the Smith & Forge hard cider print and film campaign. Can also be seen in my "Assorted fun models" video. Photographer: Mark Wiens

Croslite figurine. Made for agency pitch to Crocs.

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