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Assorted fun models made for film

Oversized tools, Alka Selzer, Lipsticks, Flea Carnival, Big Ben, Stonehenge, Origami, Cheese man, and more...

Prop Charcoal Grill

Fake hot glowing charcoal bed with adjustable light intensity. 

Butterfinger Cups & Skinny Cow Chocolates

Tooled and resin cast models made for insert shots in a TV spot


Food & Candy made for film

Chocolates, Baked goods, Ice cream, Peanuts, Corn, an occasional lemon peel, .. and more ....

Molecule Display Model

Interactive working prop made for client's product display.

The making of the Smith & Forge tankard

A short abbreviated version of what is involved in the making of the tankard

Not Your Mother's Tide

How this custom Tide jug with interior lighting was made. 

Giant bottle model for trade show

Documenting the process of creating this giant scale model of client's "Intrust" nutrition drink bottle.

Writing in Salt

How the actual product was used to create the copy for this Morton Salt Rub ad.

Water Splash Rig

A rig / jig made to allow multiple shots of a ring shaped splash of water

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