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What do I do? .....

    The short story is ..... 


   I have always enjoyed creating works that involved sculpting and fabricating. I saw the need in media for actual 3-dimensionally created objects. 


   I love this work - creating fun and interesting custom models, props and 3 dimensional sculpture for advertising, film, photography, trade shows,... any client that may need some unique thing made. 


  Unlike this age of digital everything, the images you see on this web site are not digitally created or computer generated. The Smith & Forge mug here at right here, made for some video spots, is just one example. All objects are actual props that you can touch and hold. They are REAL.


  So, here's to what I will call artistic toymaking!



S&F cheers.JPG

Client list includes:

Allstate, Cracker Barrel, Capital One, Kraft, Fifth Third Bank, Panera, Remax, White Wave, Miller Coors, JCPenney, Campbells, Procter & Gamble, Gillette, Bayer, Sprint, Glade, McDonalds, Cottonelle, Philip Morris, Motorola, Dassani, Firestone, Aldi, Unilever, Invesco, Sonic, Sears, …. and many many others.

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