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Image Categories

  Clicking on the thumbnail images at right will open to thumbnail images in that specific category. You can then click on any one to scroll through them, or choose specific ones here to view. 


  To return to this main thumbnail catalog, click back on the “PORTFOLIO IMAGES” link at top. 


  I have only attempted to organize images here in rough categories. 

Miniatures, Miniature sets, Life size sets, scale models, fake sandcastle, Absolut sets, Big Ben scale model, miniature furniture, miniature scenes
Unique models, custom models, custom props, glass shoe, tide jugs, custom bbq grill, bingo mirror ball, custom bowling ball, special props
food models, candy models, food props, candy props, fake fruit, insect model, fake food, fake chocolate, fake candy, chocolate model, fake flower, flower model, stork model
giant golf ball, giant lipstick, toaster prop, huge key fob, giant dice, zest soap bar, one a day model, gps prototype, giant throw dart, fake dove bar, giant gummy, oversized models, oversized props, prototypes
whimsical, sculptural, sculpture, humorous, custom characters, models, props, fun models, fun props, castle of cards, Horizon milk cow, fake stone model, cheese man, prickly pear cactus foot, capital one card props, alien head, crocs man, croslite characte
Custom trophies, custom awards, prop trophies, prop awards, VW hands, Nascar 400 trophy, Leo Burnett pitch of the year award, mini cooper trophy, grace college mace
smith & forge mug, face coffee cup, mini salt shaker, today show giant fork, disney tea set, custom cookie cutters, kelloog’s spoon set
pay phone sign, carved pear, tree carving, track town usa, miller high life sign, miller high life grill, diner sign, custom signage, prop signage, custom signs, props signs, carved logo, engraved metal logo
liquid models, fake chocolate splash, chocolate pour model, fake water, resin liquid, acrylic liquid, milk splash models, ice models, fake icicles
brass horse, brass skier, brass snowboarder, bear trap, chrome globe, gold lion, monopoly race car, bull head handle, ball and chain, custom metal models, custom metal props, custom medal, metal castings
1 ton weight, safe door, bear trap, milk splashes, fake ice cubes, icicles, fun house mirror, chrome globe, brass bulls head, gold ingot, huge bowling ball, route 66 sign, orrery, solar system model, brains in jar, vitamin e model, glass high heel shoe
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