Graphics & Logos  -  Machined, carved, painted, printed and engraved graphics, logos & signage

This antique looking “telephone” sign is 14 inches high by 12 inches wide and is available in the in stock section.

Engraved and brushed metal graphic icon.

This oversized pear model is 7 inches high and has the graphics actually carved into it. Made to be an insert photo in a Secret deodorant print ad.

This fake tree trunk with graphic carving was made for a Morningstar Farms web and print ad.

This miniature sidewalk graphic piece made for an Oscar Meyer web tie in ad.

The NALCO logo was made in acrylic with automotive finishes.

Carved and colored wooden sign. This, along with other wooden graphic pieces were made for CPB and used as elements in various campaign pieces for promotional use in the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, OR.

This Miller High Life grill was cut out of ¼ inch thick sheet aluminum. Then all the edges were hand radiused and a flat black finish was applied. Photographer: Jeff Kauck

This Miller High Life sign is made of sandblasted and stamped wood with additional hand colored sections. Size was about 24 inches wide. Used in a mailer campaign.

Brushed metal engraved Maytag logo plate. Length is about 9 inches.

This mini DINER sign was made for a small insert shot in a Sprint wireless print ad. The length of the sign is 23 inches. It is also still available in the in stock section.

These CHANGE letters are cut out of solid aluminum with brushed finishes. The smaller ones are 5 inches high by 4½ inches and the larger ones are 7 inches high by 5 inches deep. These were done for a Phillip Morris overseas TV spot.

Miscellaneous cut and finished type
Miscellaneous cut and finished type

These faux chrome characters were made for insert shots in various Chase bank ads and in bank posters.

Morton Salt Rub ad
Morton Salt Rub ad

Actual salt product used to create copy for the ad. Photographer: Joe Pellegrini Link below for video of the process.